Sunday, August 3, 2008

I don't HATE the concrete

Me and the concrete have gone in circles. Yes, I want most of the 160
foot long driveway gone, but no I don't want to pay to have it hauled
off. On top of that, I'm trying to get use to the idea of using what
I have available to me, instead of wanting something I don't have.
I've got a ---lot--- of concrete. I started building the 'Central
Park' retaining walls, and honestly, I think there is enough other
stuff going on in the landscape that you don't notice the concrete
chunk wall. What ideas do you have for recycling concrete? I'd love
to receive suggestions...


Buggsy said...

i wonder if you could have it crushed, like the brick you are using? then you could use it as stone mulch...

Kurt said...

We found out that people will take it for free if posted on Craigslist.

here is also a local recycler that will take it free, they do grind it up for gravel.

As you will see in our next post 5/29/09 we suddenly have A LOT more.