Friday, January 13, 2012

Kitchen Countertops

After months of part-time work on this project balanced around full-time jobs and busy lives, we finally finished up the final countertops in the kitchen.  When we started out, we had salvaged hardwood maple butcher-block counters that had previously been industrial grade work tables.  We designed, cut, glued and reworked them into long countertops that fit the design of our kitchen.  This was a large task, but the final product was well worth the effort.  There is still a decent amount of work remaining to finish our kitchen remodel project, but the end is definitely in sight.  In the coming months the plan is to rework the cabinet faces into a craftsman frame and panel look.  We're also finalizing the tile design so that we can engage a professional tile installer.  To think, in the not-so-distant-future we'll spend more time cooking in this room than sawing and hammering.  How nice that'll be!


Shasha Kidd said...

The countertops look great.

Kurt said...

Thanks were very happy with them