Saturday, September 10, 2011

Kitchen Pot Rack

We recently completed and installed a new kitchen pot rack.  We spent a good deal of time searching the web looking at other homemade and custom built pot racks.  We ultimately settled on a simple design using materials we already had available.  The 4x4 vertical posts are recycled from a banister railing we picked up.  The remaining lumber is mostly scraps we had laying around.  The brass bars are a Second Use find, and complement the brass we've used throughout the kitchen design.  We built the rack perfectly centered around the light fixture which we just recently installed.


Sharon said...

Nice job on the pot rack. Very creative!

Kurt said...

I found the bars more than two years ago. They were part of a push bar for a commercial door from the early 1900s. Its good to see a vision from the past actually get finished. I spent several weeks testing out building copper chain from 6 gage wire and hanging weights from it before finally coming up with this plan. I made all the hooks by bending and hammering copper wire too.