Saturday, February 19, 2011

Part II: Installing the cooktop vent hood

The kitchen vent hood is installed, and we're one step closer to having this wall of cabinets finished. This brass vent hood is a salvage find from Second Use. Originally, it had a lacquered finish, but we stripped it off so that it would patina over time. All the accessories, including light fixtures, pot racks, pots and pans, outlet covers, etc. are brass and copper, so it will fit nicely into our motif.

All the duct work is complete, and we've tested for air leaks.  So far so good.

Next on the list is to construct the oven cabinet (to the right of the hood and cabinet) and install.  Then, we've got to start building the cabinet box faces.  We put that off until the boxes were installed so we could build everything to fit.  We hope to have all that complete in time for the weather to improve so we can start finishing and water sealing the salvaged hard-maple countertops.  Once the counter tops are in, we'll be able to tile.

Enjoy ~

Final design mockup:

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Part I: Installing the roof vent for the kitchen cooktop hood

We're making way for the new kitchen cooktop hood we're installing in the kitchen.  Step I was to install a vent on the roof.

Project in pictures:

First, we chopped a hole in the roof, then through the floor of the upstairs closet, and finally through the kitchen ceiling.  This is a straight run from kitchen ceiling to the roof of the house, which simplifies the installation.
From The Making of a Craftsman Home

Here the sun is shining through the kitchen ceiling from the roof.  Scary.  Better get it installed before it starts raining!

From The Making of a Craftsman Home

Next, up on the roof to install the roof vent.

From The Making of a Craftsman Home

The roof vent installed.

From The Making of a Craftsman Home

The run of 8" ductwork through the closet upstairs. All the ductwork is from salvaged material at Second Use in Seattle.

From The Making of a Craftsman Home

Next step is to hang the hood in the kitchen, and tie the ductwork together. The electrical is already in place for the hood, so the job should only take a couple of hours at most. Should be able to finish this project up next weekend.