Thursday, January 6, 2011

Upper kitchen cabinetry

We're putting the final touches on one of the upper kitchen cabinets.  For this project we're using an existing cabinet box that we painted and modified with a side shelf.  To accomplish a frame and panel look, we've used thin recycled top nail wood flooring.  The following is a gallery of images.  In the coming week I'll post a picture of the cabinet once it is installed.  For more information on this project and others, visit the Woodshop Projects link under Features.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Kitchen progress and fireplace...

We got the first coat of paint up in the kitchen over the Christmas break.  It's nice to finally look at something other than blue board drywall!  It completely changes the room and makes it much more warm.  We're happy with the color choice so far.  It makes the reds in the woodwork really pop.

Over the winter break we had a wood burning fireplace insert installed.  We're spending ample time with the cats laying in front of the fire enjoying the snap-crackle.  Happy New Year everyone!