Things that inspire us for future projects.

The Library

We dream of turning one of the existing bedrooms od our house into a library.  We've started collecting the cabinetry and wood we need to construct this project.
I really like the window seat on this wall as well as the drop front desk.  The drop front would be a perfect place to hide a computer so that it is out of site and out of mind.  

This is a to scale drawing I did of the N. wall in our to-be library.  Above the seat in the middle is a planned window.  The house originally had a window in this spot, but it was removed somewhere along the way.  The plan is to re-install one.

Outdoor Patio

Last year we installed a new set of french doors off our kitchen out to the garden.  Now, we need to design a nice step/landing transition.  I have started collecting the lumber for this project.

I'm really impressed with the simplicity of the stair design.  Thick timbers sitting on 4x4 horizontal supports.


Someday we want to build a wrap around porch under the eaves of our house like it had originally prior to being moved.  Here is some porch inspiration.

I like the railing in this photo.  Simple verticals, nothing to complex.  If I use this I'll probably use a series of two skinny verticals as opposed to three.  That will blend well with our existing fences.
This picture reminds me of how wonderful it'll be to have this project done.  What a wonderful and inviting space to enjoy a cup of coffee.


We dream of built in furniture.  Here are some examples that inspire us.

Warm wood tones and beautiful built-ins.  What's not to love.

A close up of the room dividers from above.  Beautiful woodwork.  I'm holding onto this picture because eventually we'll be reworking our room dividers, and this is an excellent example.

Beautiful built-in cabinet.

A little dark for my taste (wow, did I say that?).  I love how the upper trim integrates the doors as well as the buffet cabinet.  What wonderful carpentry.

Fire Patio

We've long had plans for a patio area in the back of our property that's secluded where we could sit around the fire at night and lounge by day.  Here are some photos that caught my eye.

I can see myself sitting there in front of the fire enjoying a nice cup of hot tea.  I like the way the firebox is integrated into the patio.  

For such a simple picture, there is a LOT going on here.  The Dove box is pretty cool.  I really like the pergola in the background, and the wood plank floor.  All the plants make this a very intimate space.  Not sure what elements I want to borrow from this, but I do enjoy it a lot.

Outdoor Kitchen Dining Room

This year the plan is to build a formal kitchen dining area right outside our kitchen.  Here are some ideas we're mulling over.

I like all the rock work integrated into the area with plants.  


If you've spent any time at all on this blog, then you're probably aware of how much effort and planning goes into the landscape.  Here are some of the things that are keeping us inspired.

Photograph I took at the Portland, OR Japanesse Garden.  Absolutely brilliant.

Photograph I took at the Kubota Japanesse Garden in Seattle, WA.  I really love all the layering in this area.

This photograph has been a huge inspiration to me.  I have the same shape on the South side of our yard where I'm constructing the Potager.  This area looks so productive and beautiful!

A wonderfully designed long and narrow space.  I'm hoping to do something like this on the North side of our house with native plants.

Misc. garnden photos I've collected that I enjoy.