Sunday, January 22, 2012

Antique Chandelier Repairs

A year or so ago we picked up this chandelier light in a couple of boxes.  It was literally in a couple of boxes and in desperate need of repair.  A couple of the light fixtures had brass pieces that had broken off, so we were able to rivet them back together using rivets crafted from copper furniture spikes.  The individual light sockets were in good shape, but needed new insulators which we installed.  We rewired the entire fixture using a new cloth wire.  The light shades have slag glass that is in red and green tints, and only a couple are broken.  Thankfully, all of the glass pieces are still there, so we can glue them back together.

Once the repairs are complete, we plan to install the fixture in the dining room over our dining table.  This light fixture should be good to go for another 50+ years.

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