Friday, January 6, 2012

Dining Room Legs

We've been on the hunt for a dining room table for more than a year.  We've looked at auction, antique stores, websites, and even at building our own.  Then, the Craigslist gods presented the perfect set of antique table legs (a pair).  That gets us at least a bit closer to having a dining room table.  All we have to do is add a table top, insert a brace between the two legs, and then we've got ourselves a pretty awesome table.


Sharon Kwilter said...

Those are very cool! I wonder what kind of wood that is under the paint. I would, of course, be way tempted to strip it down and see. =)

Boe said...

The good news is that they aren't painted! On initial inspection it looks to be oak. Which variety of oak, I'm not sure. My plan is to work with Daley to match the stain once I find the right tabletop. I'm pretty happy with the find. I expect that this table was pretty awesome back when it was complete.