Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tile Installer Starts Monday

Drawings are complete and designs are final.  We thought we knew exactly what we wanted in the kitchen, but we changed the plans last minute.  We're very exited to get this job started.

Monday the contractor is coming in to tear out the floor in front of the fireplace and dry pack it at the appropriate height.  The Motawi tile we've selected for the fireplace is .6" thick, so the floor will need to be cut in deeper to accomodate.

Switchplaces from James Mattson Coppercraft
We're so excited about the progress that we've started looking at finishing touches for the living room.  We're considering ordering switch places from one of my favorite craftsman studios.  We've had a link to James Mattson Coppercraft on our blog for years, but we have yet to incorporate any of his work into the house.  This may be the right opportunity to bring some of his work into our home.

I'll be posting photos of the tile progress soon.


Anonymous said...

What a great switch cover! Love the work you are doing all the way down to the little details. Keep it up,

Boe said...

Thanks for the feedback and thanks for reading!