Thursday, July 31, 2008

Preparing for the hardscaping

We're kicking the landscaping project into high gear. Today, we're expecting a 15 cubic yard shipment of top soil to be delivered. Sunday, we're expecting 9 cubic yards of crushed brick to be delivered.

We're laying out the landscaping fabric, and preparing for the hardscaping to go in. Our hardscape it relatively straight forward. We'll be using the crushed brick for paths, dirt to build up beds, and concrete chunks (from the driveway tear out) to build up retaining walls. Concrete chunks are not my first choice, but we've got a surplus of them since we're tearing out most of the driveway. It was either use them in the landscape, or pay thousands of dollars to have the stuff hauled out.

Using the concrete chunks and the crushed brick were both choices I made in an attempt to keep the landscape environmentally friendly. They are both recycled products, and are thus being removed from the waste-chain. We'll be using basalt stone in various arrangements throughout the landscape as focal points. If I had it my way, we'd skip the concrete chunks and use 100% basalt, but then what would I do with all that concrete? Ah, tough decisions. In the end, I think the concrete chunks will disappear out of the landscape once all the plants are grown in.

More pictures and coverage soon.

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