Sunday, January 4, 2009

Breaking Rocks in the hot sun

Way back in August we brought home a vintage cabinet so big that it required a dinner party to entice moving help to come by an carry it into the dining room.

My great appreciation for you all who helped.

What hasn't been mentioned is that it also required the removal of several layers of brick from the hideous planter box in front of our front door. While we had planned to remove the giant brick box eventually in favor of installing a real porch, there was no timetable set other than "next year sometime".

Since the box is in the front of the house I'm concerned that it looks like a@# with a large chunk missing so I've been slowly chipping away at it for the last few months.
With the current on again off again slush and snow its not any sort of priority. Ill revisit it as part of the wrap around front porch that is still scheduled for "next year sometime"

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