Friday, June 11, 2010

Follow up: Kitchen coat and shoe cabinet

We're slowly making progress on the kitchen coat and shoe cabinet that we posted about earlier. We're trying to finish one corner of the kitchen and work our way around the room until the entire project is complete. At this rate hopefully we'll be done by the year 2525. Nonetheless, we've picked the corner by the back door and laundry room to focus on. Here is a picture of the bottom portion of the cabinet. It contains two shelves for shoes and four drawers for keys, hats, gloves, etc.

From Kitchen Coat and Shoe Cabinet

Little One insisted on being in the picture. He's been a tremendous help on this project. If it wasn't for him insisting on being at your feet or exactly where you need to stand or sit at all times, then we probably wouldn't have been able to finish this project.

The cat litter is in the laundry room, so we cut a whole in the side above the bottom shelf to allow the cats to be able to enter and exit. Both cats seem to have the hang of things already. Whew.

From Kitchen Coat and Shoe Cabinet

Next up is to build the top cabinet which is just one open box with coat hooks in it.

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