Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2011 Gardening Plan

I've posted the 2011 garden plan to the blog.  Full details can be found by clicking the Landscape link under Features in the left-side navigation or by clicking here.

This year I've been using an online program called to build garden plans.  This software allows you to easily draw on various plant varieties, and it will automatically calculate the number of plants in a specific area.  I have found that it does not follow bio-intensive plant densities, which I generally use.  I have found using bio-intensive planting useful to reduce weeds.  In addition, the program allows for successive garden planing and much more.  A friend of mine and co-blogger at has been collaborating with me on a seed and plant order list using Google Docs, which is another great garden planning tool.  Using Google Docs, we can complete our plant list, and then decide who should start what what since greenhouse/coldframe/windowsill space is limited.

2011 Landscape Plans
All new 2011 landscape plans.

Potager kitchen garden plan.  Click here to see a larger version.

Click here to see a list of plant varieties we're planning to use.  All seeds and vegetable plant starts are ordered from Territorial Seed Company.  Edible fruits are through Raintree Nursery.  PNW natives are through Woodbrook Nursery.  This list will continue to be edited throughout the next couple of months.  Check back for more details.

Orchard garden plan.  Click here to see a larger version.

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