Thursday, November 12, 2020

The Big Day

 Well, we got our first rain for the season and we just couldn't wait any longer to start getting the landscape in.  We made our first big trip to Tree of Life nursery with a focus on getting all of the trees and the plants for one of the main garden beds.  Earlier in the week we received the water feature and got that installed.  The following is a preview of the finished product:

We're happy with the area, and especially like our new water feature.  We think it will add a lot of life to the landscape by drawing in birds, bees, dragon flies, and all the wonderful forms of life that water attracts.  Here is an overview of the plantings in this bed from left to right:

  • Byrd Hill Manzanita (back left)
  • Euphorbia Misera (front left)
  • La Cruz Manzanita (mid left)
  • White Sage (behind water feature)
  • Eriogonum Dana Point (right side) x 2
Here's the original design we're working from and the expected scale when grown in.

We are looking to put one or two Salvia Cedrosensis in the bed, but the nursery was out.

We also got the California Bay, Toyon and the Ray Hartman planted.  It has already completely transformed the feel of the landscape.  All of the hardscaping took a tremendous amount of work, but seeing the plants go in is a real treat.  We are still looking to add some larger landscape rocks to soften it and add a more natural feel.  

More about the plants can be found on this list.

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