Sunday, December 16, 2007

House redesign concept

Oh the fun of being a new home owner. You know, the dream state when everything seems possible, and there seems to be an absence of obstacles.

I spent the weekend at home sketching some home redesign concept plans. Kurt and I would really like to have a library/den, and it seems like turning our back bedroom into just such a room might be the perfect opportunity. This drawing shows a bedroom in the front, with the addition of a door into the bedroom from the living room. The bedroom would also have a direct door into the bathroom for convenience. The living room dining room in the house would then connect to the then back bedroom now library, which is beside the staircase. This would allow us to remove the staircase from the dark brooding enclosed stairway that encapsulates the area. Kurt is worried about the line of sight -- basically that the house would be to open due to the cross-diagonal view of everything. I have drawn in some basic 'line of sight' marks to show the diagonal view. I really like this design. It would allow us to open up the stairs, do away with the hallway, thus enlarging the bathroom. We'll see how it goes :-)

I should go find something useful to do now like strip paint!

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