Monday, December 24, 2007

Whats Cookin

The large blank spot at the upper left of Boe's drawing is currently the site of the worlds worst kitchen. My first order of business in the new house is to make it usable. Ill be adding an island for some much needed workspace and storage. Adding a second sink to create distinct prep and dish zones. I plan to swap the dishwasher and cooking areas
across the room and make the door to the dining room wider.

But first, there's drawing out the plan. I decided to design my kitchen and cabinets in 3D. I'm using Sketchup for modeling which is pretty easy to use. And I'm using a full set of oak custom built cabinets I got at the building material salvage store. Remodeling with salvage material is not nearly as straightforward as paying someone to do the remodel, but it is tens of thousands of dollars cheaper. As my best friend has been fond of saying since we were in high school I put the EEP in cheap.

As the kind of person who enjoys refinishing antique furniture I see no reason I can't make this set of salvaged cabinets look like they were meant for this kitchen and look like they belong in this craftsman house we have grand plans for.

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