Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pond 2.0

What's better than a pond? A larger one. We've thoroughly enjoyed our pond, but we've always wished it was bigger. Water is a very addictive thing. To enlarge our pond, we'll be building a second pond, and then joining the two ponds together. To enlarge our existing pond without building a second one would require deconstructing the entire thing. This just isn't an option right now.

Here is a picture that describes the idea:

From 2010 Landscape

The new pond will be a maximum of 20" deep to allow for easier installation of aquatic plants. Here is a picture of the new pond site being dug out:

From 2010 Landscape

In the back of the photo is the skimmer we'll be installing in the new section. My hope is that it'll make this new pond more maintenance free by collection more debris, leaves, etc.

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