Tuesday, December 20, 2011

December Project Progress

We're making slow but steady progress on a couple of projects around the house.  First up is the kitchen countertop.  We recently finished cutting out for the farm sink, and for the faucet.  We ran into a snag when we determined that the counter is thicker than what our 100 yr. old salvaged faucet allows for.  We routed out a section on the underneath side of the countertop to allow for proper fitting.  We hope to get the countertop installed in the next couple of weeks, which will be a major milestone for the kitchen remodel project.

The mantle bookshelf project is moving right along. We dismantled the salvaged bookshelves and leaded glass doors, and are rebuilding the fronts to fit onto the bookshelf built-ins under the mantle.  After removing the fronts, we cut them down to size, and are adding a small quarter-inch furring strip for an exact size match.  This project is coming together nicely, and we hope to have the new fronts installed and the leaded glass doors fitted by January 2012.

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