Sunday, March 6, 2011

Kitchen Oven Cabinet

We're continuing to make progress on the kitchen cabinetry. The last couple of weeks we deconstructed an oven cabinet box we salvaged from Second Use Building Materials and rebuilt it to fit our space. The double oven was an addition to our original design, so the existing  cabinets had to be modified to make room.

The bottom section will house the double oven, the middle section will house the built-in microwave, and the top contains vertical storage, which will be great for sheet pan storage, etc.

It'll be awhile before we can install the new ovens.  Our plan is to use the existing electrical service for the double ovens, and to install a gas 36" cooking range.  To accomplish that, we have to install gas lines.  Natural gas isn't available in our area, so it'll require us to bring in propane.

Next step is to face all the cabinet boxes, and to begin painting them.

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