Saturday, March 5, 2011

Rosemary Giardiniera
french toasty omelette

I happened on a loaf of Essential Baking Company's Rosemary Diamante yesterday while grocery shopping. When we lived in Seattle this was our favorite bread, rustic fresh loaves jammed with rosemary. Ive never seen it here in Tacoma before so I grabbed it.

This morning I was about to make a quick scramble with Brenda Lee's Hot Giardiniera (an amazing serrano, olive, veg condiment) and I saw the rosemary bread calling out to me to be included.

I fried a slice of the bread in Butter and some oil from the Giardiniera til it had a nice golden crust.

Then I pulled it out of the pan and ran it through my egg mix (3 eggs, S & P, dollop of 1/2 n 1/2 and a tsp of Giardiniera mix scrambled)

I laid the (now frenchified) toast back in the pan and poured the rest of the scramble on top, cooked thru, flipped once. I pulled the pan off the heat and let it rest covered for a few minutes to let the center finish without overcooking the outside.

Plated it up with another dollop of Giardiniera on top. Amazing


Conestogaman said...

Never thought to fry the bread first before dipping it in the egg...

I'll be trying this next weekend.

Kurt said...

I wanted it a bit crunchy, I do the same thing with chopped up onion bagels sometimes, fried in butter and then tossed through the egg before dumping it in the pan. Its something like Grandma used to make with left over dumplings in scrambled eggs.