Sunday, March 27, 2011

Progress on Outside Projects: gates, beds, and new fence

Made progress on getting the vegetable boxes full of dirt, installing the newly constructed gates, mulching, and building fence on the N. side of our house.  Here are some progress photos.  Enjoy!

Above is the newly constructed vegetable beds full of dirt.  We will let the dirt rest for a few weeks and compact with the rain, and then top them off again.  

Above are the newly installed gates dividing the back yard from the storage and potting areas behind the shed and garage.  The hinges, latch and door handles are from Van Dykes.  Ignore the HORRIBLY stark paint colors on the garage (left) and shed (right).  They will be painted to match the house this summer.

Above is the newly installed fence section that divides the front and back yards on the N. side of the house.  The new fence section matches the style we've used elsewhere on our property.  Next, we need to install the fence trim, and then construct and install the gate.

Above, we installed a new bed in the potager area by trimming with brick and raising with dirt.  Then, we laid cardboard to hold back the weeds and topped with bark mulch.  In the next 3-4 weeks we'll be planting blueberries and currants in this area.


Microfarmer said...

Hey, Kurt. Are the currants an acid loving plant like the blueberries? Blueberries like the PH down to 4.5...

Microfarmer said...

Hey, Kurt. The currants like a soil ph around 6.0-6.5 and the blueberries like the ph down to 5-4.5

Might want to leave some space between them for fertilizer reasons.